Team and client connectivity is vital for business success.


Whether remote or in the office, giving your users the tools to collaborate and to innovate without boundaries is necessary.

At NXT GEN we know just how essential communication and collaboration are to the success of your organization. That experience, combined with a flexible portfolio of technical expertise and partner relationships, puts us in a position to help you connect your workforce like never before.

To effectively communicate Simply & Securely, NXT GEN has various flexible solutions that fit all business types, models & sizes.


It’s about designing & implementing the right solution, selecting the proper technology and ensuring security.

The NXT GEN Collaboration portfolio includes assessing, implementing & managing of:


      • On Premise or Cloud Hosted VOIP Solutions
      • On Premise or Cloud Hosted Contact Center Solutions
      • On Premise or Cloud Hosted Video Conferencing Solutions
      • On Premise or Cloud Hosted Call Recording Solutions
      • Messaging Solutions

Our certified collaboration experts through our D.O.M.E.® methodology will work with your organization to Determine your business communication needs, Outline the solutions that meet the business requirements, Migrate your business to the industry certified solution (on premise or in the cloud) and then allow your team to Embrace the innovative technology in your corporate environment.

The flexible solutions provided by NXT GEN give your organization the ability to reduce collaboration costs, increase uptime (in light of a disaster as well) and the ability to provide voice, messaging, video, web conferencing and unifying applications into one integrated environment in a Simple & Secure fashion.

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