D.O.M.E. ® 

How do you ensure that your security practices are up to date and are protecting your organization from outside threats? How should your organization migrate to the cloud safely and securely? What are the best approaches to update your network without interruption? NXT GEN, through our unique D.O.M.E.® process, enables us to provide a variety of innovative solutions, methodologies, and industry best practices to digitally transform your organization in four steps.


It’s about designing & implementing the right solution, selecting the proper technology and ensuring security.


First, we Determine a simple and secure route to help your organization achieve your corporate IT initiative. Our team of experts will Determine what is currently in the environment, understanding current policies, procedures and workflows to assess your network.

Following, our team will Outline a secure roadmap to achieve your IT initiative and business objectives for your organization using innovative, scalable, simple, secure solutions and industry best practices.

Based off the Outline provided, we will then Migrate your organization to the new technology, solution, or industry best practice.

Lastly, we then come to the final step of the D.O.M.E. ® process, Embrace. At this final part of the process, your organization is fully embracing the newly migrated solution, industries best practices or services that meet or exceed your corporate objectives.

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