Simple & Secure Technology Solutions

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Sometimes Keeping IT Simple means having to change & embracing IT in the Cloud.

Through our trademarked D.O.M.E.™ process, our team of certified cloud experts will create a detailed plan to ensure your workloads are scalable, reliable, efficient & always kept Secure.

Cloud Solutions offerings include design, implementation, deployment & management of:

  • Private Cloud Solutions
  • Public Cloud Solutions
  • Hybrid Cloud Solutions
  • Multi Cloud Solutions

Cyber Security

Threats are everywhere.

Unfortunately, we are in a time of facing the most sophisticated & tactical cyber security threats.  Given these complexities, there are Simple & effective ways to protect your data from an attack.

Our certified security experts will provide industry best practices to Secure your network from any unwanted outside threats.

Security Solutions include assessing, designing, implementing & managing of:

  • Cloud Based Security Solutions
  • Firewalls Solutions
  • SIEM Solutions
  • Two Factor Authentication (2FA) Solutions
  • Email Security & Encryption Solutions
  • Phishing & Ransomware Attacks Solutions
  • Malware & Intrusion Prevention Solutions
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Internet of Things (IoT)

The age of digital transformation is here.

The capability of connecting interrelated computing devices, mechanical & digital machines with unique identifiers & ability to transfer data over a network without human or computer interaction, is not a Simple concept to grasp.

With the rising use cases for IoT & explosive growth of devices being connected to the internet, our experts are here to ensure your IoT design & solutions are kept Secure.

The NXT GEN IoT portfolio includes assessing, design & implementation of:

  • Smart Cities & Municipality Solutions
  • Industrial & Manufacturing Solutions
  • Medical & Healthcare Solutions
  • Transportation Solutions

Data Center Solutions

Your data center infrastructure is the lifeline of your business.

IT must adapt to the changing market dynamics to preserve your organization’s future relevance.

Don’t let the future growth of your business fall victim to such pressures.

Our Data Center Services cover the complete IT life cycle & can help future proof your business. With industry leading & Secure data center solutions, our experts are ready to help you Keep IT Simple & Secure.

The NXT GEN Data Center portfolio includes assessing, designing, implementing & management of:

  • Unified Compute Solutions (On-Prem, Hybrid or Cloud)
  • Hyper Converged Infrastructure Solutions
  • Storage Solutions
  • Virtualization Solutions
  • Backup & Replication Solutions
  • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Solutions
Computer Rack Server
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Voice & Collaboration

Connecting with your team & clients is an integral part of conducting your business.

In order to effectively communicate Simply & Securely, NXT GEN has various solutions that fit all business types, models & sizes.

The NXT GEN Collaboration portfolio includes assessing, implementing & managing of:

  • Onsite, Cloud & Hybrid VOIP Solutions
  • Onsite, Cloud & Hybrid Contact Center Solutions
  • Contact Center Solutions
  • Video Conferencing Solutions
  • Messaging Solutions
  • Call Recording Solutions

Enterprise Networks

The world is requiring more connections, more reliability & more demand to keep up with fast moving business objectives.  This doesn’t mean that IT can’t be kept Simple!

Our team will help you assess, design & manage these solutions & help your business increase visibility, scalability, flexibility & performance.

Let NXT GEN partner with you & our industry certified solutions to Keep IT Simple, Secure & stress free.

Our Enterprise Network portfolio includes:

  • SD-WAN Solutions
  • Routing Solutions
  • Switching Solutions
  • Wireless Solutions
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