IT’s Time to get SASE

Keeping IT Simple & Secure is the core mission of NXT GEN Technologies.

SASE (pronounced “Sassy”) combines SD-WAN capabilities with security and delivers them as-a-service. Security policies are enforced on user sessions and are tailored to each based on:

1. The health, behavior, and context of the device.
2. Identity of the entity connecting.
3. Security and compliance policies.
4. Continual assessment of risk during each session.

The security side uses several factors including cloud-access security brokers (C.A.S.B), zero-trust network access, web API protection (as a service), cloud web secure gateways, DNS and remote browser isolation and puts it all together.

The core (or better known as the “edge”) is typically at vendor data center or delivered through PoPs, close to endpoints.

So, where does SASE follow Keeping IT Simple & Secure?

The business will work with few vendors, hardware deployed at branch and remote locations decreases, as does the number of end-user devices. Furthermore, IT can set policies via cloud-based management platforms and polices are enforced at distributed PoP close to end-users. End users will not notice the difference in performance, while simplifying the authentication process by applying policies for resources that the user seeks based on the initial sign-in.

SASE providers can supply varying qualities of service, so each application gets the bandwidth and network responsiveness required. Your IT team will have less requirements pertaining to deployment, monitoring and maintenance freeing your team to focus on other core business objectives.

SASE cuts complexity and costs to the business and the IT team, Keeping IT Simple to manage & Secure from outside threats.

To learn more or to receive a personalized demonstration, please contact us online or by calling us at (305) 602-0707.

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