How Data Centers Benefit Your Business

How Data Centers Benefit Your Business

How Data Centers Benefit Your Business

Data centers have become the powerhouses of the modern business world. Technology is always evolving which means the way you do business is changing too. This results in an increasing need for data and power. A steep rise in resources can often be too much for smaller businesses to handle internally. To keep up with this high demand, will require more time and personnel. Utilizing a data center allows your business to outsource its power needs.

Businesses will benefit from a data center in a number of ways. Most importantly, they allow your business to focus on the customer and the service you provide rather than technical maintenance.

Protecting Power

Supporting large amounts of data and technologies requires a lot of power. Housing data internally can increase the chance of a power outage or complete failure in power. Businesses need the power to operate. A power outage will disrupt the work process and make it difficult to get anything done. Even a small power surge can cause IT systems, such as data centers, to go down for as long as 15 minutes to hours. Power outages can also result in data loss and corruption. 

Data centers are your answer to this problem. Data loss can be a major setback for a business, especially if it is critical or classified information. As technology has gotten better, the internal components of hardware have become smaller and smaller. This makes these components more susceptible to damage from power outages. Using a data center will provide your business with reliable storage with no glitches or hiccups found with mobile storage technology.

Cut Costs

It’s been reported that the U.S. economy alone loses anywhere from $200 to $570 billion dollars a year due to power failures or complications. Data centers will eliminate a portion of this loss. Data centers utilize a system that can withstand power outages thanks to backup generators, surge protectors, and climate-controlled environments. 

The cost of power and cooling has significantly increased in past years. The managers at data centers are responsible for increasing availability while decreasing power consumption. 

Better Efficiency

Electrical power can widely vary. Power voltages can vary from 5.7 percent to 8.3 percent under absolute specifications. This can cause a big problem for IT equipment. The reason is that a utility provider can say they are delivering 210 volts but can get away with delivering 191 to 220 volts. A data center will eliminate this worry thanks to strict guidelines and monitoring of all systems.

Need a Data Center?

Data centers benefit your business by saving you money and time. Stop losing data due to unpredictable power outages. Keep your data safe with NXT Gen Technologies. Our data centers will keep your data safe and make your life easier. Visit our contact page today if you’re ready to make your business more efficient. 

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