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Can the Internet of Things Help My Business?

If you know even a little bit about modern technology then you’ve probably heard a lot about the Internet of Things, “IoT” for short. You may be wondering what IoT is and how it’s important to your business. 

The Internet of Things is a massive network of physical objects that are connected to the internet and supply data through software, sensors, and connectivity. Smart devices that supply information to IoT can help businesses with scalability, efficiency, and agility. The Internet of Things can help almost any business and NXT GEN Technologies knows what to do in order to help your business see these benefits. Here is how integrating smart devices and AI can help your business stand out from the crowd.

Voice and AI

Voice is changing how consumers interact with businesses. Personal assistants like Google Home and Alexa, audiobooks, and podcasts are just a few examples. Have you ever left a message and been greeted by Alexa rather than their actual voice? What about trying to schedule a meeting?

Voice technology can completely change the way an office works. Companies have begun to take advantage of AI assistance to take messages and other notes, while they work on tasks that are more important. AI technology is changing the way businesses run in order to become more productive and profitable.

The Internet of Things and Advertising 

Connecting IoT to advertising is the best way to know what your customers are thinking about and doing. Using IoT, you know where your customers are and what they are currently doing with the help of cameras, sensors, and GPS.

As an example, say you own an e-commerce business that specializes in dress shoes and a customer is thinking about buying some shoes. IoT can send that customer’s personalized products with different colors, patterns, discounts, and promotions. This can greatly increase a customer’s shopping experience and reduce the chance of an abandoned cart. 

Advertising with IoT creates an experience unlike any other. Using mobile apps, you can also use augmented reality and geotags to bring products and brands to like no matter where a customer is. Companies that utilize IoT are much more likely to increase customer engagement and brand awareness.

IoT Data Leads to Successful Businesses

Data is a gold mine for any company. But, how do you know which data to gather? How do you analyze the data? Should data be used for every decision? 

When gathering data, you need to do it with a purpose. Start by narrowing down the specific information that will help you reach your goal. This can include something like customer shopping patterns. Businesses can set up IoT cameras that specifically target in-store foot traffic data. 

Once you’ve gathered the data you’re looking for, look at the numbers and make a decision. IoT can provide data that are specific to what you’re looking for. 

Start Taking Advantage of IoT Today

As you can see, the Internet of Things is a huge asset to companies everywhere. Utilizing it can help your business grow more than ever before. It may seem like something difficult to use, but NXT GEN Technologies can ensure your business is ready for it. Visit our contact page today if you have any questions. 

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