Two-Factor Authentication

Why is Two-Factor Authentication Essential for Every Modern Business?

Two-Factor Authentication, usually referred to as 2FA, is a security mechanism that’s gradually become more and more popular over the years and, as of right now, it’s almost essential to have for any business. Over the years, we’ve relied primarily on passwords for the purposes of authenticating ourselves and logging into accounts, but it’s become evident with time that there are multiple different vulnerabilities of relying solely on passwords in order to keep accounts and systems secure. Fortunately, however, lots of technologies have emerged that aid businesses in keeping their networks and systems secure by adding additional layer of security and one of these layers is, of course, 2FA.

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

What is Two-Factor Authentication you might ask? For those who are unfamiliar with the concept, 2FA is an added layer of security on top of the traditional username and password mechanism that requires users to enter another authentication factor in order to verify themselves. Aside from this added layer of security, this second factor can be something like a limited-time code that needs to be used before expiration, biometric information or perhaps the answer to a personal question specified earlier during the registration process.

Although it might not sound like a particularly advanced layer of security on paper, it’s highly impactful and there’s clear evidence that 2FA enhances security by a tremendous amount overall. There’s also no doubting the fact that it’s far more secure than relying solely on passwords for security.

How 2FA Benefits Businesses

Multitudes of companies across the globe nowadays utilize cloud-based sign-ins or virtual desktop sign-ins in order to authenticate their employees and give them access to their systems. Unfortunately, most companies still tend to rely on the traditional username and password method for this purpose thereby leaving their networks, data and infrastructure as a whole vulnerable to potential social engineering or various other online or cyber attacks.

By implementing 2FA successfully through reliable service providers such as NXT GEN Technologies, security can be enhanced almost immediately which, of course, has obvious benefits. The benefits of using services like NXT GEN, who are renowned for their security solutions, is that you can often utilize their other services alongside 2FA to implement additional layers of security that can benefit greatly such as firewall solutions and even encryption and security for emails and communications within the company or organization.

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of 2FA is the fact that, in spite of the level of additional security it offers, its implementation is fairly seamless and adapting to it isn’t an issue at all, even for users who aren’t particularly tech savvy. As there are no complexities involved in using 2FA other than simply entering an additional authentication factor at the time of login, users are easily able to adjust to this added layer of security and productivity isn’t hampered in any significant way.

All things considered, it’s evident that traditional authentication methods simply aren’t enough for any modern-day organization that values security which is why 2FA is something that absolutely every single business and organization should consider.

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